Theon Untamed

From the realms of the epic sci-fi series, Azziarin, comes an all-new sweeping romantic adventure. This stand-alone tale of blood, intrigue, and passion, meshes flawlessly with previous Azziarin storylines.

Join Alan and his amazing cohort Catalina as they form unbreakable bonds formed in a Tureis holding cell before they succumb to the Tureis forced breeding cabal …

But as the winds of change and conflict carry Alan away from Catalina, the Curazin people tempt her with a new life, a fresh start. If life was only that simple.

A chance encounter between Catalina and Theon, the topside swashbuckling leader, kindles a new passion deep inside, that Catalina cannot ignore. Theon too feels the attraction. Catalina is confident, bold, and irresistible. And for the first time in his life, Theon feels vulnerable, but only for her …

While Theon is away on an extended patrol, Catalina is muscled-off and dumped at the mercy of the barbaric northern clan. She fears that Theon has played her for the fool!

But who was really behind the plot to kidnap Catalina? Was it Theon, some unknown entity from the past, or Theon’s conniving brother, desperate to keep them apart?

Catalina’s smoldering passion has flared into seething rage … She will reunite with Theon if she must slaughter every clansman across the grassy plains! And if it was one of the other female’s that left her for dead, she’ll be her final victim.

Theon too has embarked upon a bloody warpath – his against the usurpers who stole away with Catalina and sought to destroy any happiness they once shared!

As the two determined lovers try to find a way back into each other’s arms, even greater more sinister forces lie coiled in the shadows, waiting to test their bravery, their spirit, and their willingness to kill for love!




Hello everyone! I know it’s been awhile, but I have great news. My new book has been sent to the editor, and now, I wait. What’s it about?

Remember in the book of Zekke, Alan had been rescued by the Curazins? He had been held with another female and she was rescued by Toran and sent to his home planet. This is her story.
Catalina is witty and sharped tongued when she’s frustrated. She’s also brave even when she’s terrified. A strong woman who only depends on herself.

At the end of the book is the first chapter of Alan and Kattlyn’s story, the last chapter of the Azziarin Series. I hate to see it end because I love my Azziarin’s, but it’s time.

Stay tuned, more info to follow when I get the book back from the editor.

Sneak Peak

As I said before, I’m currently working on two books.  I’ve teamed up with another author, but I’ll tell you more about that later.  🙂  Right now, I want to give you a sneak peak of one of the books.  Just remember, it’s raw and unedited, so you are sure to find mistakes.  Enjoy!


Sneak Peak

Earlier today, or maybe it was yesterday, I’m not really sure, I gathered my courage and decided today is the day.  The day I will break free from my prison that’s disguised as a home.  A once loving home filled with laughter and the smell of baking cookies.  But that was a long time ago.

My heart races wildly in my chest as I peek down the old wooden stairs and spot my step-father asleep in his blue, worn-out recliner.  He hadn’t been asleep long, the cigarette still smoking in the ashtray, a beer loosely clutched in his hand as the bottom of the can rests on the arm of the chair.

I tiptoe to his room, listening intently.  The low voices from the TV drift upstairs.  Just as I reach for the doorknob, the wooden floor creaks loudly with my last step.  I freeze mid-step, my hand clutching the knob, but not turning.  Not breathing.  I wait and silently chant, “Please don’t wake up.  Please don’t wake up.”  I wait a minute, a lifetime, until my hand slowly twists the doorknob, letting the door drift open.

Dirty floral curtains cover the window, and a full-sized bed with a metal frame headboard is set against the wall.  Opposite the bed is a small wooden desk with one long drawer and a plastic chair.  If you didn’t know my Frank Stone, aka my step-father, you would think vagrants resided here with their meager furnishings.

With a gray tattered backpack in my hand, I hurry over to the corner, quietly drop to my knees, and lift the one loose board that hides his secrets, or so he thought.  But I know. Mother knew.  Frank thought it was a secret, and I never let on that I knew about his hiding spot, his secret stash, the little leather-bound book that always rests on top that holds names and dates— all the information needed to blow the entire operation out of the water.

I reach down into the dark space under the floor and take out bundle after bundle of cash, stuffing it into my backpack.  I work feverishly until my backpack is full, stuffed with one hundred-dollar bills.  I stare at the leather-bound book for a moment, thinking.  Making a quick decision, I leave the book and carefully, and with shaking hands, lower the board back in place.  Stealing money is bad enough.  Stealing the book is a certain death sentence.

I softly close the door behind me, and just as I reach my bedroom door, which is straight across the hall, I hear him moving around.  My heart thunders in my ears.  If he catches me…

“Belle!” he bellows up the stairs.  That’s what he calls me even though it’s not my name.  A nickname my mom gave me a long time ago, teasing that I would be a Southern Belle.

My insides quiver as I step inside my room.  I can’t make him wait long.  I drop the backpack and kick it under my bed, then grab the hem of my shirt and pull it over my head.  Next, I shrug out of my jeans and grab my sleeping gown.  Just as I slide it over my head, I hear him again.

“Bell!  Get your ass down here!”  He’s angry.  He’s always angry when he drinks, which is all the time.

I race down the stairs to where he waits on me.  Swallowing hard, I say in a hurried voice.  “Yes, Father?”

He narrows his eyes and studies me.  I feel the weight of his gaze as his eyes roam up and down my body.  Not in a sexual way, but more of a ‘what are you up to’ way.  Does he know what I did?  Oh, God.  I pray not.

“Get in there and clean up the mess.  I’m going to bed.”

“Yes, Father.”

I watch with defeat as he walks over to the front door and latches all three deadbolts, before pulling a key from his pocket and locking one last bolt.  He slides the key back into his pocket then turns and grabs the rail, taking one slow step at a time.

Trapped.  I stare at the door that holds me prisoner. Tears want to spring forward, but I tamp them down.  I’d just have to find another way.  But one way or another, I am leaving tonight.  I don’t have a choice.  Tomorrow, Davie will come looking for his money

Walking over, I switch off the small 19-inch box TV before picking up a plate from the end table and carrying it into the kitchen.  I wash up the few dirty dishes, empty the ashtray, and throw away the beer cans.  I need to take my time and give Father time to go to sleep.

As I methodically work, doing every chore on automatic, I remember my life from before.


Mom took off about three years ago, or so father says.  That was the same time I heard them argue over his line of work.  Father is a drug mule. He smuggles drugs one way, cash the other.  Mom wanted a better, less dangerous life for me and wanted Father to stop, but he insisted it would be a death sentence.   We can move, she’d say, over and over every time they argued.  After the last argument, I didn’t see Mom anymore, and I often wonder if she got killed.  Maybe he killed her.  Maybe the drug people, like Davie, killed her.

After that, he locked me in the house.  Said it was for my own protection.  He drank more and after a few smacks across my face, I learned very quickly to do as I was told and not to talk back.

I’ve had enough of this life.


Love is in the air!  (Laughing here)  How many times have we heard that expression?  Love is always in the air when it turns cold and rainy, and I want a warm body to snuggle up against.  What?  I’m only human so no judging! 🙂

So what am I working on?  I’ve got two projects going on at the same time.  One is a regular romance which includes a lot of mystery and adventure, you know, besides romance.  The other is the first book in a new series.  You might remember the Curazins from the Azziarin Series?  When Alan was first discovered, it was revealed that there was a human female who they also rescued.  She turned out to be compatible with their species, but first, one of them has to win her heart.

SciFi and Wine

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  There’s nothing I like more than soaking in a warm bubble bath at night, reading my kindle, and drinking a glass of wine.  It’s so relaxing.

So, that’s the name of my all new closed Facebook group.  It’s a place to connect with other SciFi readers, talk freely, without Facebook spilling the info to all of your friends.  Discuss what books you like, the ones you didn’t, and ask for recommendations.

Come over and join us.  SciFi and Wine


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